Reality Personality Sensation Ms. Kimberly Michelle

Earlier this week this gorgeous girl made a appearance on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” viewers have gone wild on searching the internet to find out more history on this lady.  All we have is that Kimberly Michelle has a good looking frame and a talented music artist. K Michelle is also the kind hearted mother of a little son whose father is no other than Memphitz, who has been accused of beating and stealing $2 million from her recording deal to lavish on himself. K Michelle was offered a contract for Jive Records about 4 years ago, but Jive Records didn’t promote her and she is finally out of that horrible contract deal. K Michelle plans to continue going along with her songstress career with not being a part of a recording label at the moment, but is appreciative of R.Kelly who guide her to be a talented artist since her first signed contract.

Katy Perry Said To Begin Record Label

Ms. Katy Perry has a star over night as a music artist. Since 2007, Katy Perry has been giving fans top rating songs time and time again. The gorgeous woman also has a flick “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” in 3D, that is schedule for theaters on the first week of July. Katy Perry is a business woman at heart that cannot be stopped as she now goes after the label of a music mogul. Katy Perry told The Hollywood Reporter that she plans to start her record label, but there isn’t a title as of yet. She states, “I’m going to try and avoid the things that take away any fighting chance for an artist to have financial success. As people are coming to me with opportunities, I’m thinking, ‘How would I want to be treated?’ ” She is following in the footsteps of other famous music artists such as Madonna and Prince.

Top 3 Tips To Bring Back The Passion To Your Relationship



Relationships at some point can grow into somewhat of an general which can make those in the relationship think that the passion has been lost. This isn’t accurate one bit because the passion is there just the excitement is temporary low. There are many directions to advance your partnership to bring it to that high point it was before. Below are Top Three Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship:

1. Have A Date Night: Decide on what day out of the work week to commit the whole day with one another.

2.  Shoot Dirty Texts: Get the party started earlier in the day. Send raunchy texts or text messages with pictures to your significant other. Talk about all the kinky stuff that you need to do for them that day.

3.  Go To The Toy Store: There is nothing wrong with a man and woman exploring their sexuality on a whole other step. Having fun with sex toys behind closed doors can be totally arousing.

Enjoy coming up with new methods.

How to Sway a Lady

Males it doesn’t take lots to make an impression on a chick, but the key thing is in the way you try to sway her. Lots of girls do not are not impressed by men who act tough 24/7 and show no values; if by any chance a girl desires that she will go out with a wall. Expensive vehicles, diamond rings only impress the girls in rap movies as down to earth ladies know it isn’t about what a man can afford for you, but the way he views you.

Below are Three Tips To Sway A Lady:

  1. Show The Real You: A lady loves it when a guy is himself. Do not try to be someone that you are not as it will demonstrate that you are absolutely a sham.
  2. Make Certain To Be Loving: Show a girl that you will go out of your way for her and will do everything just to make sure she is merry.
  3. Don’t Flaunt The Greens: The smallest present is what matters. Make certain to get her something that she is into. Do not purchase the very expensive present in the store for her as this will show that you are attempting to buy her affection.

Be sure to constantly treat a girl with the highest respect and be kind to her and all those who mean the world to her. With these 3 ways in effect in your dating life you will definitely impress any chick that you want.

Clues to Approach with Other Available Men and Women on Online Dating Sites

Though the whole planet is satisfied because of dating online as it makes it simpler and much more pleasant to get to know available women and men all over the world, hooking up with people on online adult dating web sites still continues on being a challenge, not as stiff as hooking up in real life but an obstacle, likewise. Cam Dating sure does suffice as a filter as you’re not made to tangibly speak to a person from the get go which is completely troubling.

So much can go wrong, it’s simply a spooky course particularly for those singles that are introverted or haven’t dated in awhile. An uncomplicated way to  approach a hottie on online dating sites is to simply message- “Hey, what are you up to tonight?” and things of this kind. No need to make a federal case of it, simply be mellow. If they are not engaged in chit-chatting with some or female or male they will most likely will want to say  “hi” back. Don’t loose your nerve now, this is not the time Cam Dating and chit-chatting is to make your private life more pleasant. Just be confident enough and take a chance. Be genuine and approach with the spanking new local online.

The 5 Things Chicks Shouldn’t do on Social Networks

Innapropriate Facebook Pictures

Facebook and MySpace is a important part of plenty of individuals everyday routine. Once you begin dating a dude there are a few things that you should not do, because you will most likely send him out the door.

Here are the Top Five Things Girls Should Not Do On Social Networks:

1. Expressing Man-Hating Updates: If you are starting to talk with a guy who you also have as a friend on Facebook or any other social network, PLEASE withhold from expressing guy-bashing post updates
displaying “all males are snakes” or “all males are cheaters”. This will totally promise no more dating for you in the future.

2. Becoming Way Too Intimate: If you are those kind of chicks who take pleasure in the moment of being center of attention and have lots of “apparently” problems in your life; do not write about every single situation that is going on in your life. Dudes do not like issue consumed ladies or attention seekers.

3. Putting Only Self-Portrait Pictures: It’s ok to care for yourself, but it is not ok when you have quite a few of galleries that are named “look at me” or “I am just too hot to handle”. This will show the male that you are conceited and do not got associates.

4. Being Like A Secret Service Person: Once the person you are digging accepts your friend notification, try to refrain from searching through each and every one of his old posts trying to catching something that seems odd. Those posts and pictures were there before you were involved.

5. Hastily Modifying Your Relationship Status: If you are not entirely certain that you and the male you are seeing are exclusive; do not modify your romance status or switch your default picture with a
photo of you two.

Females, make certain you practice these simple Top Five
Things Girls Should Not Do On Social Networks methods. It will make your dating life totally effortless.

Phone Scrabble with Friends Word Maker

Android Words with Friends & Wordfeud Cheat

Android Scrabble Cheat offers the best scrabble and words with friends cheats to ensure players improve their game. Mobile Scrabble Cheat is a FREE mobile device helper tool to help form words and unscramble the scrabble, wordfeud and words with friends letters and display the top scoring words and increase your skills! Cheat Scrabble works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and all other mobile devices, so you can load up cheat scrabble mobile & words with friends mobile whenever you want from your mobile phone.

Top Point Words with Friends and Scrabble Combos

New word search added for scrabble mobile phone cheats for every device include 10x quicker search and new features allowing you to choose letters at the front and end of the word(s) you want to connect.


They provide American word set.

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